Maintenance issues

It is reasonable to assume that some form of maintenance issue will arise during any tenancy be it a leaking tap, electrical fault or malfunctioning boiler and that from a tenant’s perspective you will want to know that whatever the query, it is resolved in a prompt, professional and efficient manner.

It is always our aim to rapidly respond to any issues reported and liaise with all parties involved, including approved contractors, with a view to securing a swift and satisfactory resolution.

To aid in securing a swift and satisfactory resolution we require all repairs and maintenance to be reported using the Online Maintenance System.

This system gives Tenants the ability to easily report their issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their PC, mobile, or tablet and in some circumstances the simple online guidance enables the Tenants solve problems themselves–saving time for everyone involved.


Report a maintenance issue

    Report a maintenance issue here    

Please note you need to have registered with us before reporting maintenance issues.

Important Note

A maintenance issue reported on this system after 5pm week days, weekends, bank holidays or any other times the Flatline office is closed, will not be processed until the next working day.

By reporting a problem and requesting that it be fixed you give consent for us or any person appointed for the purposes of fixing the problem to enter your property without further notification to fix the problem.

It is your responsibility to ensure your property is kept in such a manner that it is safe for our staff or contractors to enter - should they need to do so to affect a repair or deal with an emergency. Trip hazards should be avoided.

Unless directed by a member of our Maintenance Team you must not attempt any repairs yourself.

Time Scales

As a Tenant, you have a right to expect that repairs are carried out as quickly as necessary and it is our aim to meet your expectations. Of course, response times vary depending on the nature of the repair and whether parts are required to be ordered.

However, to ensure Tenants have a good understanding of time scales Bristol City Council (BCC) recommend the following timings for repair once the fault has been correctly reported.

Emergency: BCC would normally expect all work in this category to be carried out within 24 hours and are incidents or defects which require an immediate response, possibly endangering the health and safety of people, causing major damage to buildings. E.g. major electrical fault.

Urgent: BCC would normally expect all work in this category to be carried out within 5 working day and are incidents or defects which does not present an immediate threat to the health and safety of people but which requires a swift response to prevent deterioration in services or increased damage. E.g. Loss of hot water/heating, fridge failure, serious roof leak.

Non-urgent: BCC would normally expect all work in this category to be carried out within 20 working day and are incidents or defects which if not attended to, could result in a reduction in the quality of the service provided. E.g. broken furniture, dripping tap