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A quick bit of Info….

  • Viewings must be made by prior appointment & are only to be arranged through Flatline
  • Properties are generally available for a minimum period of 6 months unless otherwise stated
  • Tenants must pay a bond (deposit) and rent
  • Rental are generally quoted exclusive of all utilities costs unless otherwise stated

Flatline Bristol Ltd cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies that may inadvertently occur in the property details or description.

Useful Information Before you look to book a viewing

How much income do I need to have to apply for a property?

Applicants must demonstrate an annual income of 30 times the monthly rent to be able to apply for a property. For example, to apply for a £600 per calendar month property, applicants would need to be able to demonstrate a single or joint income of £18,000 per annum. If you are self-employed you will need to have a minimum of 2 years of accounts to demonstrate the required income.

All references undertaken by ‘Flatline Bristol Ltd’ are carried out by a 3rd party referencing company. If you would like more information, please ask a member of staff.

What if I am under the required income level?

A Landlord may accept your application if you can provide a Guarantor earning 36 times the monthly rent as an annual income. For example, on a £600 per calendar month property, your Guarantor would need to demonstrate a minimum income of £21, 600 per annum. Please ask a member of staff if the Landlord of the property you are interested in is happy to accept a Guarantor.

What is a Guarantor?

A Guarantor is a third party, such as a parent, legal guardian or close relative, who would be required to sign a Guarantor Agreement agreeing to pay your rent if you don't pay. The Guarantor Agreement is a legally binding document that will be valid if the associated Tenant is residing at the property or legally responsible for the property. This means that the Landlord can ultimately take legal action to recover any unpaid rent from the Guarantor.

Landlords will usually require a Guarantor to be living in the UK. If you're an international Tenant and you can't nominate a UK-based Guarantor, you may be asked to pay all the rental in advance.

I’m currently residing abroad

As of the 1st February 2016 the Immigration Act 2014 - Right to Rent scheme came into force across the UK, requiring Landlords or agents to the verify that a Tenant has the right to reside in the UK by check original ID documents of all prospective Tenants over the age of 18 with the Tenant(s) present.

Unfortunately, due to the Right to Rent scheme we are finding it increasingly difficult to assist Applicants until they have arrived/returned to the UK, however in a few rare cases Landlords have been happy to offer a Tenancy in principle but the Tenancy Agreement would not be executed until the requirements of the Right to Rent scheme have been satisfied. For more information regarding the Right to Rent scheme please click on the below link.

Applicants in receipt of any benefits to support their application

Unfortunately, not all our Landlords are able to allow benefits to be considered to support your application, such as part or full housing benefit, disability or incapacity benefit. This is usually due to the terms of business the Landlord has within their mortgage agreement. Please ask a member of staff if the Landlord of the property you are interested in can accept benefits. Applicants on benefits will be required to provide a Guarantor.

Who is responsible for contacting the utility companies after I move in?

You as the Tenant are responsible for setting up and closing the accounts with the utility companies when moving in and out of your property. If you are in a property managed by us we will automatically put you in contact with Tenant Shop to assist you with this process.

How do I pay rent?

For professional tenancies, you will be asked to set up a monthly standing order with your bank. For student tenancies, you will be asked to set up a quarterly standing order with your bank.

How will my payments cease at the end of my tenancy?

You should contact your bank directly to cancel your standing order once the last payment has left your account. We can accept no liability if your standing order continues after the end of your Tenancy.

What is the Tenant Deposit Protection Scheme?

Your Bond (deposit) will be protected with one of the recognized Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes in line with legislation introduced in April 2007. The Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme requires that all Bonds (deposit) being paid by a Tenant for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy must be registered with a recognized deposit protection scheme within 30 days of receipt.


If you have pets, please ask a member of staff if the Landlord accepts pets at the property/properties you are interested in viewing. You will be in breach of your Tenancy Agreement if you do not inform us that pets will be at the property.


All our properties are non-smoking. If a Landlord does allow applicants who are smokers a Tenancy at their property, it is on the understanding that the Tenant and any visitors smoke outside the property. You will be in breach of your Tenancy Agreement if you permit occupiers or visitors to smoke at the property. Please ask a member of staff if the Landlord of the property you are interested in viewing would consider having smokers residing at the property.


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